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Our Strategy

MGP views value creation as a dynamic process requiring the aggressive pursuit, analysis and evaluation of market data to ascertain trends in the commercial real estate and capital markets.

MGP is known for being ahead of the curve in recognizing market trends and opportunities created by market dis-equilibrium. "Value-added" opportunities with limited downside and reasonable, but entrepreneurial upside, are identified and pursued in areas created by:

Overlooked submarkets
Overlooked product types
Opportunities in contradiction to the "choice of the day"

MGP's approach to each opportunity represents an ownership mentality which combines an entrepreneurial "front of the house" with an institutional "back of the house." This approach allows us to combine our deep market knowledge and instincts for real estate values and leasing opportunities, with the process intensive needs of lenders, investors and the real estate business plans developed for each asset.

MGP's decision-making is driven first and foremost by real estate market factors and our desire to maximize the value in a real estate asset. We seek assets with strong fundamentals in terms of location and physical structure and which have the potential for creating long term, sustainable cash flow through physical improvement, releasing and recapitalization. Having limited overhead and flexible debt and equity relationships in synch with this philosophy enables MGP to execute the business plan for each acquisition within a strategic timeline.

In an effort to remain nimble, MGP has intentionally kept its in-house staff limited. We assemble the most appropriate team from our large network and collaborate to execute the strategy and complete the business plan for each asset. Hundreds of leases have been executed by the MGP team and we have a successful track record of attracting and executing transactions with both large and small tenants. During the asset holding periods, the MGP team, augmented by select third party management and leasing firms, provides property specific, comprehensive, asset and management services which meet the needs of the most exacting individual tenants and properties. MGP provides these services solely to properties within its own account to ensure that all assets truly receive the owner's attention and focus.

Acquisitions / Development

MGP's longstanding relationships with the sales and leasing community generate numerous interesting investment opportunities and, because MGP has aligned itself with select debt and equity sources providing financing capability, MGP is able to execute on a given strategy and take timely advantage of the opportunity. Debt and equity sources include investment banks, finance companies, high net worth individuals, local syndicators and pension funds.

The MGP team has the expertise to oversee each phase of the development cycle, including; land acquisition, zoning, master planning, civil engineering, architectural design, pre-construction planning, value engineering, building permits, construction, marketing and leasing.

Approximately 2.5 million square feet of office developments have been undertaken and completed by MGP principals in addition to 8.5 million feet of acquisitions. Capital projects, such as exterior and interior building renovations as well as garage renovations have also been undertaken and completed for various buildings in its portfolio of acquisitions.


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